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NAN Core Beliefs – The Promise of Face-to-Face Democracy

  • Every human being yearns to find a meaningful place in a community they love, and to be admired and respected for who they really are .
  • Real democracy answers this need by creating face-to-face opportunities for every person to participate directly and meaningfully in shaping the visions and decisions that affect them and their community. John Adams, one of our founding fathers, saith that invisibility is worse than poverty.
  • Only by knowing the dreams, views, needs and capacities of the whole community, can individuals and groups know the larger meaning and worth of what they do, or choose to act in support of one another and the whole. A shared community vision is like a public compass pointing to true north: it helps guide youth and adults towards meaningful and rewarding action that supports community and planetary values, answers community needs, and provides a sense of belonging and purpose in life.
  • Participatory democracy teaches the value of inclusiveness and mutual respect, it develops trust, healthy relationships, and collaborative skills -- the only basis for creating safe, prosperous and proud communities that are a wonderful place to live.
  • Only grassroots direct democracy in local communities everywhere can provide the sure foundations that representative democracy needs and lacks today to bring diverse peoples and cultures into harmony with one another and the planet.