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The NAN Vision

NAN believes we can build collective wisdom and energy at the level of ordinary citizens everywhere to help make the world a more balanced place.

New self-sufficient community power can be created in the vacuum that now exists between people and government, and between local places and multinational corporations, mainstream popular culture and global media.

NAN realizes that direct democracy and representative democracy are not only compatible, they need each other. Direct democracy is needed for two reasons: to make representative democracy strong and to make local communities prosperous, safe and happy. To make our lives more meaningful and satisfying, and to balance the problems that happen when power, political and economic, gets too far removed from ordinary people in communities.

NAN's vision involves restoring to communities around the world the capacity to utilize the wealth and skills they already have. NAN uses methods that give expression to the full diversity of individual voices in the community, in a way that leads to the creation of a world that works for all.

NAN's methods are innovative and yet simple and teachable. They help turn diversity of interests and expertise into a source collective wisdom rather than conflict. 

We know what we’re talking about is possible.  In our work around the world, we have seen that the most successful community ventures, even in remote villages in Africa and Asia that have little “material’ wealth, are those ventures people set out to build through their own, community-based resources.