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A Neighborhood Assembly can help us:

Create a common voice to:

  • Generate a shared vision we can implement
  • Be heard as a community
  • Coordinate the many initiatives community members are working on
  • Be clear about what we want and act on it together
  • Create the future our community wants by working toward a common goal, together

Improve the quality of life in our community:

  • Listen to our youth to build a community for them
  • Make sure that any development in our community serves the common goals of our community
  • Mobilize local and other resources to create the streets, parks, businesses, schools, community space and other things we want

Build our capacity as a community to:

  • Work together effectively
  • Include all voices while making practical decisions efficiently and effectively
  • Improve our meeting and communication skills
  • Mobilize the resources already in the community

Create a way to sustain quality community over time:

  • Create a short and long range plan for making our vision for a community happen
  • Build community networks to coordinate activities
  • Support the social aspects of community by holding community events and parties
  • Continually update of our community vision
  • Support sustainable development

Start building community now as we work on our vision and how to make it happen:

  • Get to know each other by working together from the start
  • Find out what we are all doing and how to support each other
  • Bring youth, older folks, everyone together so we hear what everyone wants
  • Host community wide parties and neighborhood parties
  • Have fun!