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The NAN Plan

The pilot phase (completed)

Building on decades of work prior to forming NAN, NAN and its associates have spent the past 5 years building a solid foundation to begin developing community assemblies and networks of community assemblies in various parts of the world.  Some of the things we have done during our pilot phase includes: doing the basic research that has established the history and efficacy of the NAN approach, worked in diverse communities around the world to apply and prove the methodologies we have described in a wide variety of cultures and language groups, written legislation in cooperation with local government counsels for establishing community assemblies through ordinance, networked with individuals, communities and organizations to establish working partnerships, and connected with networks of skilled professionals who are available to bring the methodologies to communities in all parts of the world.  In addition, we have identified a number of communities around the world that would be ideal for implementing the NAN vision as NAN moves into its next stage of development.  The pilot stage was built entirely on volunteer work and consulting fees.  Some of the client projects were supported through foundation grants.

The first implementation stage

During our first implementation phase, we would like to obtain funding to be able to fully implement a network of COMMUNITY ASSEMBLIES in two distinct localities, e.g. cities or regions, one in the United States and one in another part of the world. Eventually, we believe this process can become self-sustaining with no need for outside resources.  However, in order to create working models and begin to prove and spread the concept, we would like to have adequate resources to allow us to implement two pilot projects. Even as we are developing these resources, we are continuing with pilot projects that are good candidates for more formal implementation.

Our implementation plan comes with a business plan that will move this global process into self-sufficiency and profitability, given the right initial support. However, as every good venture capitalist knows, startup ventures, even those build on sound business principles, need adequate funding to establish themselves and move into profitability.

The second implementation stage

The second stage will move the project into self-sufficiency and self- proliferation.  It will spread the NAN vision and establish the efficacy needed to see it implemented worldwide as a self-supporting program.  The model will expand to involve communities with shared interests as well as geographically-based communities. Various institutions will implement the NAN model themselves as they gain access to the tools for doing it and see others implementing it successfully.  Literacy in the methodologies will develop until the knowledge and ability to implement the tools for building community assemblies will be as widespread as the use of “Roberts Rules of Order” is today.  The concept of change and the way decisions are made will change as communities learn the power of building on common ground as opposed to adversarial debate.

During this stage, NAN and other agencies that organize behind the NAN concept, will negotiate directly with communities to build assemblies with no needed outside support.  We believe that a community can invest or borrow the funds to establish itself as a community assembly and recover that investment – for example, through interest or a return on equity - once the community assembly is established.  What is happening here is that dormant resources are put to work by the community assembly to develop returns that produce new capitalization and capacity. [link]

The final vision

The NAN model will become accessible to all communities in an expanding and self- supporting model. Networks will develop around and among the specific organizing needs of various localities and sectors. Governments will be transformed as they realize they have to get on board or become irrelevant.  Communities will be so solidly organized that they will no longer be susceptible to corruption or political or military excesses.  There are established historical examples that indicate this is the way that significant social change occurs, by the emergence of a meaningful new method of social organization that supports the historical needs of the time and proliferates on its own.  It is not through the implementation of an imposed master plan that global change will occur; it is through self-organization and self-proliferation.

As Jefferson said when he dreamed of a nation built on the foundation of “little republics,” of whole communities that came together regularly to take shared responsibility for the world in which they lived, “once they taste freedom,” they will sooner “have their hearts torn out of their chests,” than permit anyone to take it away from them.