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Marc TognottiMarc Tognotti - Prior to founding NAN and joining Horizons of Change in 2002, Marc worked for over ten years as an independent communications consultant to Fortune 500 companies and Internet startups, writing executive speeches and white papers, developing marketing and branding campaigns and advising on conference design. Marc earned his Ph.D. from the Stanford University English Department, where he pursued an interdisciplinary course of studies in Literature and Modern Thought. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on Emerson and American Revolutionary political philosophy and has taught a variety of courses at Stanford.
KenoliKenoli Oleari - Recognized as one of the country's leading practitioners of large-group dialogue and deliberation techniques, Kenoli has over 30 years experience in community organizing. Kenoli has worked closely with leading innovators in organization development practice and large-group dialogue collaboration methodologies, including Marvin Weisbord, Sandra Janoff and Kathy Dannemiller. His article, "Whole Systems: A powerful Tool for the 21st Century Manager", was featured as the cover story in the December, 2000 issue of Public Management, the journal of the International City Managers Association. He is the author of chapters in sever anthologies on large group methods.

Marc and goat Stand

Marc building a goat stanchion at the CSA farm he helps his girlfriend operate.